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Why Resonant Realty was created.

Phrases I hear often as those I care about are looking for connection to the world around them: “This resonates with me.” or “Does that resonate with you?”

To me it means: “What you’ve just said / what I’ve just heard / what we’ve just experienced / feels familiar and I know there is truth ringing loud and clear to me.”

It’s also something I see and feel when working with my real estate clients. There’s that saying about finding a mate when someone asks, “How will I know?” and then the other responder says “You’ll just know.”

It’s the same for finding a new place to call home.

I’ve seen it time and time again. When my clients walk into the home, their energy changes. They just know. Some become quiet and thoughtful, carefully imagining their belongings going here, going over there, just so, room by room. Some get talkative and want to sign the paperwork immediately. Others’ eyes get wide, realizing with anxious anticipation that their dream of owning a home is about to happen - ticking off the next steps, financial obligations, and even worst case scenarios.

Seller clients experience this, too, but in different ways. From the initial thoughts about selling, the conversation is full of “why’s” and “what ifs.” Financial goals usually come first, quickly followed by lifestyle and career goals, future plans, and talk about “leveling up.” Then when their home is set and ready for showings, there is often grief and second guessing. But when the offer they wanted comes in, it’s only then that their future really begins to resonate and call them to what’s next.

Resonant Realty exists because of that feeling we’ve all had - that pulls on - that rings within us - to search for what’s next - where is the next stop for me? What am I to follow - what am I to create - who am I becoming?

Resonant Realty was established because I want home buyers and sellers to feel supported along the way. From the moment they have the first idea about buying or selling a home, to their discovery session with me, to negotiating the best transaction for them, all the way to closing and beyond, Resonant Realty holds space for our clients to make one of the biggest, most impactful - most resounding! - decision of their lives.


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