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Resonant Realty gives home buyers and sellers the confidence to make sound decisions.

As a value driven real estate brand, we help our clients make huge milestone decisions with ease while bringing more joy into the process. We help our clients find clarity at all times, and we provide them a connection to resources and to their community.

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We help all sorts of 


Whether you're a long-time local or

relocating to the area, Resonant can help!

We serve primary home buyers, vacation

home seekers, and portfolio builders

throughout WNC.

AND, we also help all sorts of 


Ready to level-up or cash out? Resonant

Realty serves WNC home sellers of every

kind. Through preparation and partnership

with key marketing vendors, Resonant will

sell your property with less stress on you!


Want some advice today?

Choose a guide below to learn a few pointers about how to be the best buyer or seller in today's market.

They are totally free.


What makes us different?

There is truly an art to making a sound decision. We here at Resonant Realty fully lean into this belief.  We use a tried and true method to help our clients discover and embrace their real motivation for buying and selling.

Tune in before you turn up.

When a home buyer or seller comes to us, we want to know all the reasons why they're ready.  We ask them to slow down with us and dig into the details. We call it our “tune in before you turn up” process. It helps us align with our  clients and it helps our clients align with their goals. 

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the mountains are
calling and I must go.


Dive into Asheville

Are you looking to buy or sell real estate in

Western North Carolina?

Request a phone call with Joanna today!


this is asheville, c'mon and play.

The Asheville area and Western North Carolina will always be a hot spot because we will always have the mountains, streams, waterfalls, and those VIEWS! It’s a popular area because of the beautiful scenery, food and beverage scene, artists and entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams, and an active community.



86 Asheland Avenue

Asheville, NC 28801

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Image by Josh Duncan
Image by Kyle Glenn
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